All photos are accurate.
     None of them is the truth.


Ettore discovered photography as a teenager playing with his parents’ Zenith reflex camera.

He began his career working for Italian photographer Franco Trinchinetti, and then in the fashion and glamour photographer Marco Glaviano’s studio.

While working, Ettore studied Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, studying branding, interior design, product design and interactive design.

In 2008 Ettore opened his photographic studio, collaborating with Luerzer’s award-winning ad photographer Paolo Cecchin.

He has worked with several major Italian advertising agencies and fashion magazines, developing a still and motion advertising portfolio that includes clients like Adidas, Barilla, and Volkswagen Italia.

He has also collaborated with several agencies in Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In 2011 Ettore joined Elegran Real Estate, a New York City luxury real estate firm, where he has established the quality standards of their real estate and portrait photography services.

His cinematography knowledge, meticulous skills and positive work ethic make him an adaptable photographer whose work encompasses a wide array of inspirations and influences.

Ettore hopes to further hone his skills by developing his interior photography, still life, and advertising photography with a focus on luxury goods, food and beauty.